You'll Never Look at Chocolate the Same

This article was written by Lex Talamo for the Shreveport Times.  It references the Payson Center. The Payson Center is part of Tulane University.  When the Harkin Engel Protocol was signed in 2001 by the chocolate companies, the US Department of Labor hired The Payson Center to write 4 reports on the progress.  In a sense they were the watchdogs of the Protocol.  Each report delivered grim news regarding progress.  After the final report, the Department of Labor kept using the Payson center.  Last year they reported that the situation had gotten worse.  


"During the course of a day, children as young as five years old could be expected to wield sharp instruments such as machetes, carry heavy loads and work during the night or up to 100 hours a week. Other hazardous working conditions included land clearing  or being exposed to agro-chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers.  Read the rest of the article HERE