About Us:  

Mission statement: Bring awareness through campaigns and education to aid in the eradicate the use of Worst Forms of Child Labor (ILO 182) and child slavery in the cocoa farms of West Africa. We promote going back to Eliot Engel's original idea of a "No Slavery Here" stamp on all appropriate chocolate sold in the United States. 

Who we are:  We are a grassroots organization founded in 2007 by the director, Ayn Riggs along with Paige Hahn and Bridget El Khayati. Originally with a goal of simply bringing awareness to a concern that was little known in the US, SFC has grown to be a thought leader on this subject by conducting campaigns, speaking engagements and aiding other groups in creating and executing their own campaigns.  

Hear an podcast from director, Ayn Riggs on Grace as Justice