Aloha Feels Chocolate

Alma Chocolate

Alter Eco Chocolate

Amano Chocolate

Askinoise Chocolate

The Beach Chocolate Factory


Black Mountain Chocolate


Cacao Medium (AU)

Caribeans Chocolate

Castronovo Chocolate

Charm School Chocolates

ChoCoaque Chocolates (US)

Chocolate and Love

Chocolate Cartel

Chocolat Celeste

Chocolate Tree

Chocolate Troubadour


COCO Chocolate

Compartes Chocolates

Dandelion Chocolate

Dark Forest Chocolate

Denman Island Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Diego’s Chocolate

Divine Chocolate Co.

Eating Evolved

Eat Your Hat

El Ceibo

The Endangered Species

Endorfin Foods (US)

ENNA Chocolate (US)

Equal Exchange


Forever Cocoa

Fresco Chocolate

Fruition Chocolate

Gayleen's Decadence

GEPA Chocolate

Giddy Yo Yo

Grenada Chocolate Company

Grocer's Daughter Chocolate


Habitual Chocolate

Hagensborg Chocolates

Health by Chocolate

Hilo Shark Chocolate

HNINA Gourmet

Hogarth Chocolate

Honest Artisan Chocolate

Hooray  Tuffles

Indi Chocolate

L.A. Burdick Chocolates

La Iguana Chocolate

Lake Champlain Chocolates

La Siembra Cooperative

Lillie Belle Farms



Maverick Chocolate Company

Max Havelaar

Mayan Monkey


Mia Chocolate

Montezuma's Chocolates

Nayah Amazon Chocolates

Neary Nógs (Ireland)

Newman's Own Organics

PARRÉ Chocolat

Pasha Chocolate (Canada)

Purdy's Chocolate

Omanahene Cocoa Bean Company


OpuLux Fair Trade Chocolate

Original Hawaiian Chocolate

Parliament Chocolate


Patric Chocolate

Plamil Organic Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate

Pure Lovin' Chocolate

Rain Republic

Rapunzel Pure Organics

Ritual Chocolate

Samaritan Xocolata

Sappho Chocolates

Seed & Bean Chocolate

Shaman Chocolates

Sibú Chocolate

Solkiki Chocolate

Sweet Earth Chocolates

Sweet Impact Fudge

Sweet Riot

Sun Eaters Organics

Taza Chocolate

Terra Nostra Organic

Terroir Chocolate


The Chocolate Wave

The Xocolate Bar

Theo Chocolate

The Original Chocolate Bar (US)

Tobago Estate Chocolate


Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate

Videri Chocolate Factory (US)

Vivani Chocolate


Wei of Chocolate

Xocolatl Chocolate

Zaks Chocolate


Ethical Chocolate Companies

Fortunately, there are exceptions.  Organic and Fair Trade chocolate is almost always ethically sourced. Cocoa from outside West Africa is almost always ethically grown.  Very often the label will spell that out and tell you the source.

Look for the following or similar stamps  on the packaging:

Bean to Bar

New boutique chocolate companies are popping up all over the place.  They pride themselves on being "Bean to Bar" for ethical and culinary reasons. Look for their story on their packaging and websites!


If you are a chocolate company and would like to be added to this list, please send us your information and links: SFC email